Get Injustice: Gods Among Us Collectors Ed. — Get Statue of Wonder Woman beating the Sh** out of Batman

Another new game, another Collector’s Edition of it. This one looks kinda cool though.

Even though Injustice: Gods Among Us  isn’t coming out till April, that hasn’t stop  anyone from advertising a collectors edition of the game. The $99.99 Collectors Edition will get a 13” statue of Wonder Wonman holding down Bats with her Lasso of Truth while she is about to slam Superman’s baby spaceship into him.

Don’t Worry though, other stuff included are a download code of the animated film Justice League: Doom, a “special collector’s edition of a brand new DC Comics series,” an three exclusive character skins for Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman styled after The New 52. All of that actually justify the price in a way and I heard JL: Doom is a pretty good film. Check out the the pictures of the statue below!

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