New PS3 Model (this the only Sony news you getting from me Tonight)

Sony, again no keeping a secret (or thinking they are), revealed at the Tokyo Game Show another model of the PS3 which is keeping the trend of trimming the baby fat.

Nothing is new about the system other than it’s look with Sony even saying it is lighter than the Original “George Foreman Grill” PS3 and the current slim. Now, this is the part where I say there is no release date or price BUT YOU ARE WRONG! Different Regions will be getting different versions (NA and Europe get it in “charcoal black” and Japan gets it in White) and prices which are below:

North America

250GB for $269 (In a Bundle ONLY) going out September 25th

[UPDATE: The Bundle comes with UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception™ Game of the Year Edition, a voucher for the Free-to-Play game DUST 514 and voucher for “$45 of Bonus Content!”]

500GB for $299 going out October 30th

Europe and PAL Territories

Flash Memory 12GB for 229 Euros going out October 12th

500GB for 299 Euros going out Sept. 28th


250GB for 24,900 Yen going out Oct. 4th

500GB for 29,800 Yen going out Oct. 4th


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