More from the Sony Presser @ TGS!

I would have made more post last night but…it was pretty late here on my end and there was no need for me to write post after post about the Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press event. I like this style of reporting: Me giving you all the stuff in one space because no one else will.

Vita getting some love

Sony, not only showing off (and telling) the new slim PS3, showed off two new colors for their new portable. You can pick one up in either “Cosmic Red” and  “Sapphire Blue” — In Japan. No word if the colors will come here or if we get a new set. “Puke Green”!


Another, what seems to be, Japan-Only thing coming to the Vita is Reader…for the Vita. This app will allow users to read and buy comics and Manga on the go from the system. And it doesn’t look shitty, books show up in Apple-like bookshelf that you can swipe and through your collection. You can either use your fingers to change pages or the L and R shoulder buttons. Reader will be out in October with over 3,000 manga to read. 

And last but not least, Vita will be getting PlayStation Plus support. For people that don’t know, PS Plus let’s users get discounts and free games for a $50 a year and from what I heard, it is worth it. Anyway, you can get PlayStation Plus for $50 a year OR $18 for three months. If you already have a Plus Subscription, don’t worry as it will extend to your Vita as well. One more then to add is that you get 1GB of online game storage for saves and DLC. it will be out in November. 

What about the games!?

Hold your horses! I was getting to that. Keeping up with tradition of rehashing games, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus will be coming out for the Vita next year. No word on new features or if it will be the version the PS3 got which took away decapitations and added a fight with the Statue of Liberty.

 A Senran Kagura game will be coming to the Vita as well. It’s basically an eechi beat em’ up that only came out in Japan for the 3DS. Titled Senran Kagura Shinova vs. Shoujo, it will be out February 28, 2013.   To show you what I’m talking about, here is a picture of the cast: 




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