Gearbox does something awesome for a Late Fan

If you are picking up Borderlands 2 when it comes out, make sure to look for a very special NPC in the world of Pandora.

It all started when fan Michael John Mamaril died of cancer. His friend sent an email to Gearbox explaining about his ills and that he was a really big fan. Gearbox answered in two ways 1) Claptrap, the little robot from Borderlands, read Michael Mamaril eulogy (it starts at the 2:46:40 mark) and 2) announcing that he would be in the game.

At Gearboxes Community Day 2012, they finally revealed what Michael’s digital self would be doing: give away rare loot. The NPC will hanging around Sanctuary and every time you meet him, he will drop loot of rarity level blue or higher. Not only that, the first time you meet him in the game, you will be awarded the  Achievement “Tribute to a Vault Hunter”. Not only will be in-game, but he will be  immortalized in the Xbox space.

Gearbox, thank you for doing something so awesome for a fan who asked for nothing in return.

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