7: Fanfic Rating System~ ♥

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[Warning: This post may contain offensive content.]

Since I went through the trouble to review The Red Necklace, I figured I might as well create an approximate rating system. It’s more for humor than usefulness, as numbered ratings are pretty self-explanatory. Hopefully I’ll be able to gather a collections of phrases used in conversation or thoughts from the work receiving this rating while I was participating in viewing/reading/enjoying/lamenting the work or activity I’m engaged in.

Of course, this is on a scale of 1-10. I feel that 1-5 scales don’t account for all possibilities of feelings.


Why does this thing exist?/Whoever made this is going to hell.

WTF is this? Really.

Did an autistic child scrawl this down in therapy?

Fucking Satan wouldn’t even inspire someone to do this.


Fucking Yuck.

I don’t even

Baby Jesus, are you responsible for this?

I hate this.

This isn’t even possible. Fuck this.

Is this block paragraphing? Abort, ABORT!


😦 *heavy sigh*

I wish I understood what they were trying to do. This doesn’t even make sense.

Why is this so inconsistent?

I’m so disappointed. I can’t finish this.

“Aww, isn’t that cute?–BUT IT’S WRONG!”

Then I was like, “Lol–nope!”

I’m done.

Why am I/you doing this to my/yourself?!

This is terribad. I mean, badibble. I mean–


Ugh, this could be so much better they just… [insert list of things here]

…Alright, I’ll leave a review.

This doesn’t make any sense.

I’m sure that I could do this better.

This is a really great idea. God awful execution, though.

Why are there so many errors/italics/typos?

What? But they already said this isn’t possible? Why are they doing this now?!


This was okay.

This had so much potential, and there were so many things I would have done.

They shouldn’t have cut things off so early/left out so much.

Hopefully, if I leave some feedback they can do more with this. I really want them to do more with this.

You know, I’m not a fangirl about it, but this was okay.

I didn’t really like it, but I could see why other people would.

Not my cup of tea.


Although I would have done [insert item here] a bit differently, I liked this.

This was an interesting idea. I liked the perspective on this. I hope they write more and I can see it develop.

I might take a peek at the rest of the fic list – see if you’re written for anything I’m fond of.

Needs more detail in certain areas – there were parts I wish they elaborated on.


This was really good. You should read this [pending fandom and matching interest to subject matter].

I loved this. I can’t wait for more!

Why didn’t I think of doing this? OMG!

This is sooooooo goooood.


More people should read this!

I’ll check out the other stories, see what’s up.

*Prints story for external reading*

I’m not a fan of this pairing, but this makes it work! I am willing to declare an exception!

I love it when non-romantic stories are this riveting! I wish more people wrote them!


Oh. My. God. Please. There has to be a prize for this.

Please, please, please read this. Please please please. I’ll trade you whatever favor you want.

Auto-Favorited. And Following/Subscribed.

I love you. Can I have your babies? Can we get married?

:Q___________ [drool]

*saves to computer for 4EVAR reading*
There’s no sequel? Oh god.
*checks for other stories*
I will read anything else your write for any fandom I’ve vague heard of.


This doesn’t exist. I refuse.

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