Wii U Date, Price, and a few games (I watched this for you.)

Hours ago, Nintendo held a press event for their next-gen console known as the Wii-U. Everything that everyone wanted to know was finally announce. No more spoilers, no more BS about what it will have. The Wait is over, let’s get started.


The Wii U will be out for North America on November 18th, 2012. Just in time for the Holidays.


As I reported a week ago, there are TWO models to choose from for the Wii U. The $299 version will get you the system, gamepad, ac power for both and sensor but this one doesn’t have storage for game saves and downloadable games. It also only comes in White.

The Deluxe edition comes with all of the stuff the Basic model does but wit h32 GB storage (more than likely come in the form of a SD card), Nintendo land–The Wii U’s demo pack in game–,stands for the console and game pad, and access to their Eshop program that allows you to earn points for buying games online.

The Basic White goes for $299.99 and the Deluxe Black goes for $349.99. Both Systems will allow you to play “Most” Wii titles and you can use your old Wii Controllers on it as well. Wii U branded ones (for the rich bastards) will be out later this fall.

Services and Games

Nintendo also showed off a new services coming to the Wii U: Nintendo TVii. With Nintendo TVii, you can watch TV shows, movies , and sports events from either the Game Pad or TV set. It pulls up list of programs from your DVR, Netflex, Hulu, Amazon Video and live TV. You will also be able to pick out your favorites and keep them in your Wii U Profile. This will free for Wii U Users.

Don’t worry there were games as well. The one that really took people for a loop was the announcement of Platinum Game’s Bayonetta 2 coming exclusively on the Wii U. No game play was shown but the trailer had the Gun toting Witch and someone with a sword. Also from the studio is another Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101’s which was previously known as Project-P-100.

Activison also showed up to announce that their Skylands Giants, 007 Legends, and Wipeout 3(why) will be out for the platform. And yes, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be on the system. Awesome thing coming ot the table for that one is that one person can play on the Game Pad while the other can use the TV for multiplayer. Other than that, everything people wanted to know was revealed.

So what say you? Are you picking up this console? Do you think Nintendo redeem them selves in the eyes and hearts of us Core Gamers or are you going to sit this one out and wait for a price drop? Leave your comments bellow!


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