As Promised: iPhone 5 stuff (and if you should buy it/upgrade)

As I said on my twitter, this is the “after-party” blog post about the iPhone 5 event that was held hours ago. If you are not like me — the person who has pretty much every tech blog liked on Facebook — then you know nothing about what Apple let out the box but I do. Not only that, I will give you my honest opinion on if you should buy it/upgrade.

All in bullet points. Well, the bulk of it.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 using Final Cut


  1.  As with all the leaked photos of it before the even, the iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter  than the iPhone 4s. The screen also got a size increase allowing for 16:9 aspect ratio video play. As with such a larger screen, 5 rows of icons now instead of 4.
  2. Also leaked before being announced, there is a new adapter port for the iPhone 5 called Lightning. Being 80% smaller and more durable than the old 30-pin connector that was used since 2003.
    Lightning Connector for iPhone 5

    If you already have cords or ports that you don’t want to get rid of (or if you have a car, can’t) Apple has you covered with an adapter…that cost $30. Apple, the company that keeps on taking money.

  3. Other Improvements include a better camera, better voice detection via three mics (one at the bottom, one at the top, and one on the side/back) , support for 4G LTE, improved battery and better graphics from their Apple’s A6 chip.
  4. As with all updates to a new iPhone, older models get a price drop: iPhone 4 will now be free via contracts and the iPhone 4s will be $99 via a contract. Pre-orders will start tomorrow and it will ship the 21st.

Should you buy it/Upgrade: This is one of those yes or no things. With the price of both the iPhone 4 and 4s, those that haven’t got on the Apple train should buy the 5 unless you really want to. With iOS 6 coming out for all devices anyway (more on that after this), you really aren’t missing anything. That being said, if you are in a contract already and it allows for you to upgrade your phone, do that shit. Especially if you can get the upgrade for free.

iOS 6

  1. It’s a software update to go along with the iPhone 5. All iOS devices will update to that September 19th with iPhone 5 shipping with that. Speaking of iOS devices…

iPod Touch/iPod Nano/EarPods

From the pictures above, the iPod touch got a much needed upgrade. Pretty much all the stuff I said about iPhone 5 (save for LTE 4G) is there. It uses the A5 chip instead of the A6 for graphics. Not only that, you can use Siri — the iPhone’s personal assistant — on the device. It will be in 5 colors — black, silver, blue, red, and yellow.

ipod Touch and it’s colors

Should You buy It/UpGrade: If you don’t want a iPhone 5 or you already have an older model of the iPod Touch, yes. They updated enough for you to get a new one. I will, however say wait for a price point.

The Nano also got an upgrade. There is a touch screen interface (though not the same as the iPod touch). It will be in 7 colors: black, magenta, blue, silver, green, yellow and red. No date or price for either devices.

Should you buy/upgrade: Do it. If you have an older Nano or you want an iPod with a touch screen but not the price of one, it seems like a good buy. Not only that but I can bet there will be a rockbox OS ready for the Nano soon.

iPod Nano and it’s Colors

And you need headphones for those things. Apple also updated their headphones, now called EarPods. They feature a natural fit and increased durability,” plus improved acoustic quality. The EarPods will ship today.

Should you buy it/ Upgrade: Apparently, they spent time on making these things perfect. It honestly depends on your preferences. Me, I don’t really stick with the headphones a Mp3 player gives me. They might be good but I would have to try them out.

The “PodBuds”



iTunes also got an update. What was intrsting about their showing was nothing about their Music social service “Ping”. They did, however, said that artist can can share photos with listeners and the search feature was upgraded. The big news was that iCloud, their cloud storage services, will be integrated fully with iTunes.

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