Episode 7 – …But, it’s a Card game

Maxwell gets away from the editing (i.e. I told him to get his shit together) to make the current group complete (Guys and Gals). Unfortunately, Ziven couldn’t make it for this episode. We mostly talked about Skyrim but We did talk other stuff too, such as how Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh should not be used as teaching material for the card or video games; Bioware’s next move with Knights of The Old Republic, Mass Effect 3 and their upcoming project; PETA being a very good food item but not good for making choices when it comes to causes; and the movie Immortals.


[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15473944/episode10_final.mp3]


Threshold by Sex Bob-omb

Getting out by Daniel Merriweather

Voices by Saosin

It’s Kill or be Killed mix by Yoshioka Taku Squad

Reptile’s Theme by  Skrillex

BBB by How to Destroy Angels

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