Episode 4 – BRB Blackout. No, Seriously.

The Title of the episode comes from the Blackout Tumblr campaign where people said BRB Blackout and not post anything on tumblr. Oddly enough, when I got home their was a storm and a blackout  on my block. Ziven’s (who went by the name Tomo on this one) block was fine.

This is also the episode we got a fancy mic that we use for all the recordings now. Not only that we talk about College Humor’s take on a Captain Planet live action film, a little E3, Call of Duty XP event, Sexy Plants, The Video Game Catherine (which I want to play still), and Door Porn. That’s a thing. 

Stream it [audio http://akumasaint.podomatic.com/enclosure/2011-09-09T12_09_27-07_00.mp3]

Download it


It’s Raining again by Skylar Gray

D City Rock by TeddyLoid feat. Debra Zeer

Call Me Up by Chromeo

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