G4 is no more; Will rebranded next year.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I mean that in the most nicest way possible. Reported by Slash Film, NBC Universal will be rebranding the geek-centric channel G4 into something more “modern male” and GQ (like the magazine) in form. This can either be

A) Something bad OR

B) Something Really Bad.

Not to talk down about the channel or the new direction it’s taking (among other factors, it was the basics of D Saint Radio and a lot of other web programming out now), but them going full on “bro” might hurt.

Right, if you haven’t heard of G4 it was (at first) the only channel at the time catered to Geek culture and video games. Shows like Judgement, Icons, Filter, and Cheat! showed gaming to masses that still thought people were still playing Mario in their parents basement. Later in their year, they took on TechTV (even calling it G4TechTv) before coming in as completely G4. Most of their flagship shows are still on the network such as Ninja Warrior, X-play, and Attack of the show! but really that was it.

Honestly, I thought they were gonna make a comeback.

Anyway, no word on what shows will be staying or even if they will still cover Comic-Con and E3 with this “change”. Time will tell. R.I.P. G4.

As a passing note: I hope they go through their : “retro” shows.

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