Happy Labor Day + Podcast News

Hello everyone! On behalf of The Crew, I would like to wish everyone a safe and fun Labor Day/Parents are Happy that you are going to college and/or school so you are out of my hair. I will be eating till I die. 

Anyway, for people wondering where are Bonus Episode of Doctor Who is, do not fret as I will tell you when everyone is ready. I honestly have no idea when we will record but that’s the beauty with bonus episodes: You don’t know when it will happen.

In the meantime, we do have a new Tumblr to test out the waters of each of us posting something and we want you to follow that. We will still be updating our other one as much as we can as well but don’t forget the new one. Also, we are on iTunes and we want reviews (you can still download episodes directly from the post or subscribed via RSS). As well, you can follow the show on both Facebook and Twitter for different stuff from those channels. I, as the admin to both, will be on them more often so make sure to drop a line or something.

Last on my House cleaning list, a gift. Maxwell made a mash up the Flash Gordon Theme by Queen and You make it rough by Chromeo. The crew thought it was good enough for you guys to listen to and if you want to download it, the link is in the #Swag section of the blog. If you like it, leave a comment on how much you like it. Speaking of download, don’t forget you can check out all 20 of the previous episodes of the D Saint Radio Podcast.

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