Two Square News!

Wow, Square, take over my blog why don’t cha? I have two new Square Enix news for you guys tonight.

First off, Kotaku reports that there maybe more to the recent port to The World Ends With You. The image used for this post and bellow here shown after you beat the game. It’s pretty much a what seems to be a new protagonist with headphone and the giant TV screen saying “7 More Days”. Now before you go off with theories, do know this is Square we are talking about. They did fool everyone with this port. Even me.

The Second part of this news is that A) The next  Final Fantasy has been announced and B) Lighting is back. Reported by Geek Revolt, Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is an entirely new adventure following Lighting alone. It will also feature a countdown clock of 13 days and nights, full customization of the warrior, the same battle system from the first XIII games with the gameplay being more action-centric. This game is set to arrive for both the Ps3 and 360 next year.

You like taking money from pockets, don’t you?

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