The timer has STOP. The World Ends With You heads to iOS.

Remember a few days back on the post about a possible The World Ends With You Announcement? Well the Wait if over and the dust has settled with the news of cult DS game heading over to both iPhone and iPad devices. While this isn’t the sequel that me (and maybe other people) were expecting, this is still a welcoming return to the franchise.

Dubbed The World Ends With You Solo Remix, the game will follow the same plot as before with you taking control of Neku through the UG version of Shibuya trying to gain a second life after dying. All the things you know and love from the original game will be back as well as some new features.  Coming to the game is a new way to fight “The Noize” as now that the game takes place on one screen, both Neku and his partner will be on the same space. Don’t worry, the CPU will take control of your partner with you worrying about Neku. The Fusion Attacks — in which you and the partner use a special attack– is now revamp now making the player pick out the cards to allow the attack. Making a comeback is the Tin-Pin battles (which you use the pins you gather through out the game to knock other pins off a stage. Think Bayblade but without angst) which you can play online against others.

Speaking of online, the streets of Shibuya can be populated with other players who also play the game. Their avatar, when you exchange profiles, will be in the game and if they have a twitter account their tweets will be their thoughts. The game itself has the same music and a few remixes and has been redrawn to take advantage of the retina display of the newer iOS devices making this almost an HD remake of sorts.

You know, now I want a iPad. The World Ends With You -Solo Remix- will be out very soon, Sept. 27th to be exact for $17.99 for the iPhone and $19.99 for the iPad.

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