What the (french) is: The World Ends With You?

I’m going to try something new. Maybe this will be a thing as D saint Radio likes to educate the masses of geek shit. Really, if it can get you on board, cool. This is What The (french) is series — Blog post that explain what something is from a news story or something we had talked about. Every one needs a teacher. 

So, if you haven’t read or heard yet, a mysterious site from Square Enix popped up over night counting down to what could be something related to their cult hit The World Ends With You. I think I talked about it on the show once but I didn’t really explain what it’s about and why you should give a crap about the news. This blog post will explain it to my knowledge. If anyone sees any mistakes, let me know.

What is “The World Ends With You”?

The World Ends With You (or for short TWEWY and also known in Japan as It’s a Wonderful World) is a an action role-playing game developed by Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts team and Jupiter for the Nintendo DS handheld console. You play as young boy name Neku in modern-day  Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo, Japan who, after he wakes up, has no memory of where and how he got there. Come to find out, he has died and in order to earn his life back he must work with a partner in a Reaper’s Game for 7 days. If he loses, he’s dead for good.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nr_g6EXYY5s]

Okay, So how does it play? You said it’s a role playing game…

Ah, that’s the fun/frustrating part to some. The game makes use of all the controls of the DS including mic, touch screen and buttons. You control both Neku and his partners (yes, Partners) as they fight the same enemies – Neku is on the bottom screen where you control via the touch screen and the partner is on the top screen where you control them from either the control pad or face buttons.

Neku has access to pins (yes, the same pins you get at Cons) that allow him to do all these crazy attacks like shoot lighting, tackle enemies (called The Noise), even blast out sound waves. The Partner on the other hand has special rules you can either follow for the full effect or button mash. The rules change for each — one will have you go all ESP to guess the next card in the order or another one could have get the number lower, higher or equal to the next number on the screen. If that seems jarring, don’t fret as there is an option to have the partner go on auto pilot.

Not only that, with it being  Shibuya, you have to wear what’s in style. Not kidding. Each of the districts have favorite brands. You wear the brands in the battle (the pins as well have those same brands),  you get a nice boost but if you wear what’s not in style, something negative happens. Don’t worry about that though as you can change that just by going into battle and doing well. Fight well enough in an area in a few fights  and the district will follow what you are wearing.


I know, I know. I lost you with the Fashion part but it works. Think of it as the shirt you wear gives you plus one health but it’s not in style. You keep wearing it and now it’s in style. It’s like Gotye’s “Someone I use to know” — at first, no one heard now it’s on fucking Glee. Anyway, there are also the disrtaction of Pin Slammers. you pretty much use the pins you have got  and slam them into other people’s pins. Think coin golf but with pins. Speaking of other people, if you and other people have the game you can buy stuff from their shop and battle them in Pin Slammer. You can also stop playing for a while and come back to have level up. No grinding. Well, you may still want to do that.

Okay. I’m guessing you liked the game.

Yeah, it’s awesome. Hate Neku. You will too.  Sound Track is awesome too. It’s quite honestly one of the best games that came out for the Nintendo DS once you get the hang of it. I actually still have more pins to collect on there. But you don’t have to take my word for it, go check out the game. Copies of it are on Amazon or game stop. I got mines from Amazon for $20 after 2 years. I rented it out of impulse. But yes, there is a timer and I’m thinking it’s a sequel (which would be great) or a remake (which would be alright and I will buy it). GO DO It. Oh, and let me know how I did. I might keep doing this thing.

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