D Saint Radio Presents: Bonus Episode 1 — Crew Reacts to Tumblr

I told you to stay put.

Anyway, we decided to do a Bonus Episode of the Podcast — Think of it as our version of an EP — of us just going through our tumblr and explaining to everyone else (i.e fINAL, Val, and Maxwell Knight) the inner workings and tips on using Tumblr. They might make one but I wouldn’t hold your breath for that if I was you. This episode (and future Bonus Episode) will have maybe one or two songs in it (in this episodes case, it’s a sample of Tantrum to Blind’s single ‘Get Get Get’) as well so let us know what to do with that. Speaking of Fan feedback, let us know what other Bonus Episode stuff we can do. You know the normal channels.

Reminder! We are now on iTunes. If you have been waiting to see that, GO SUBSCRIBE to the episodes and leave us a review.

[audio https://dl.dropbox.com/u/84820270/Bouns%20Episode%201.mp3]

Download Episode

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