Star Wars: The Old Republic is now free-to-play

After half a year, Bioware and EA have announced that their MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, will go free-to-play come this Fall. It’s going to do something interesting with this game though:

New Players will have access to all 8 of the classes and will be able to level up all the way to 50 with story lines in tacked with restrictions. If you want more, you can still subscribe to it OR you have access to microtransations to get you to 50 quicker. Players that already subscribe will get add bonus of monthly grants of Cartel Coins, the game’s in-game new virtual currency.

I can see this happening to most MMO’s now. As much as some want to beat the giant known as World of Warcraft, they go the route of F2P when it’s nothing else to do. Anyone alright with this?

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