Final Fantasy III coming to the Ouya

I had talked about the Ouya–A gaming system running a modify Android OS that allows people to play free or free to play games for the low price of $99–a while back on here and on the show. Like I said in the blog post, they reached their goal and now news of the games coming to the system are slowly coming out. One of those games is Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III (yes again) making Square the first BIG publisher wanting in on the device that could change the gaming landscape if everything goes right.

Why did I put that there? Well apparently even though people fell in love with the idea of the Ouya, when it the company behind it made there backing to it, people started to become worried that Ouya could be just a scam. Euro Gamer started that trend and then Penny Arcade wrote a piece on how people should be careful when dealing with something like this. This is all understandable — a new hardware spouting that you will be able to play free games is odd but let’s give them a chance. Hopefully, with Square on their side now they will get others to show up.

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