E3 Will still be in L.A. until 2015

I know most of you guys that read this blog won’t care that much about this news bit but Gaming News is News here are DSR and I have to report it. The ESA (that’s Entertainment Software Association to everyone of the ill-informed, like me.) has stated that E3 will still take place in L.A. at the convention center “until 2015”. This is a surprise to some as their were rumors that E3 was going to move somewhere else.

It’s NOT a surprise that people were hoping on the coat tails of this rumor as the ESA has moved E3 before…to not too happy of news for some…but I guess the public will have to stick with L.A. a little longer. I want to throw my vote into the ring for E3 to come here to Detroit. Think of the possibilities.

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