An Android-based Console can be yours….for $99?

I know, right? A console that runs on Android, can play free-to-play games AND allows you to hack it to boot seems like a joke or something. Right?


Apparently, there is a Kickstarter campaign going on at the moment you are reading this that will do just that. Called  The Ouya, this device will allow players to just that and allow developers to “produce their games for the living room, taking advantage of everything the TV has to offer.” Speakin of developers, the  Los Angeles, CA group seems to have some top people behind them on this such as Minecraft team Mojang and Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner.

You too can back them in this venture and get you the device before it hits the stores. At the time of this blog post, they have already raised $298,141 of their $950,000 goal and it’s only been 2 days. For $99, why not?

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