Facebook’s App Center: A Short Review

After posting the episode (which you need to listen to BTW) I decided to roam around Facebook like I normally do and I notice that Facebook has now gave me access to their app center. Oh nos, this is going to suck…

Actually, that’s not the case this time. Everyone (I hope) knows that Facebook has become it’s own ecosystem on the web that allows it’s users to use it in anyway they see fit. The bulk of what the social media giant lets you use to achieve this is through it’s apps and up until now it was an hassle of finding apps unless you liked a page or knew it from word-of-mouth. This changes with the App Center on Facebook.

Finding the Ones that connect us all

Now of days, developers are looking to how their application will connect you with your friends and the biggest place to do that is through Twitter and Facebook. If it doesn’t have that connection, most of the time it fails to get groundswell. At that same time, sites like Twitter and Facebook know this and are now making a point to point out to their users that there are apps that allow you to share music and news with friends. Thus, the Facebook App Center was born to allow people to easily find apps that can use.

All of the apps that have some sort of Facebook connection to it are listed by category (i.e Music, Games, News)which, when clicking on it, bring up the top rated, what your friends are using and Recommend. You can even bring up the ones that have mobile use for your smart phone as well.

My Say on this: It’s the step in the right direction. As many times that Facebook has been F*cking up stuff with the whole “People near by” (which isn’t new people) and the email change fiasco, this was smart on their part. If you have it, go check out the apps you can be using.

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