Apparently, playing video games at 20-yrs old is not ‘normal’

If you haven’t already heard, the trial for Norwegian mass murder, Anders Breivik, is under way. Now, it’s already known that Anders has stated that he used Call of Duty as a training method for the killings and is an avid World of Warcraft player as well. That being said, the psychiatrist who is being used as an “expert” in the case has stated that a person at and/or over the age of 20 is not normal. Full quote of it is

We feel that playing a lot of computer games gives the impression of a working cognitive function,” saidSynne Sørheim. “It is however, something completely different to relate to something in real life, have committed relationships to other people, arrange meetings, go to work in the morning, have a healthy relationship with a girlfriend, or having common social skills. I would still like to point out that sitting alone in your room and playing games, no matter what the scope of the matter, call it addiction or whatnot, is not normal for a man in his 20’s.

Well, if you make it sound like th–

… We have no form of expertise when it comes to computer games.

Yes, that line is real. I didn’t place that there for comedic effect as that is an actual quote. Look, I’m not coming to the defense of Anders for what he has done but to say that playing video games once people hit the “ripe” age of 20 is abnormal AND not have any expertise at the mater be used in a case such as that is just stupid, plain and simple. Would people just stop with the witch hunt of Gamers.

And just FYI, I do have common social skills. I’m not a damn monkey.

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