7’s taken over the TUMBLR! + Announcements

Hey, you guys!

We had to record a new episode a week early due to some extenuating circumstances on Shadow’s part – thought I would let you all know! You’ll see another episode posted in the next couple days, and we’ll be going over some of the presentations made at E3 (applause? No applause?), Young Justice and a few other things.

In the meantime, a few announcements…

We’ve got a Tumblr! If you haven’t visited there before, I would encourage you to do so now. Although we post very interesting news and findings here, tumblr is a wonderful place to get in touch with the gang and I with a little less hassle. Near half of the questions we receive are through tumblr, and I know it’s a bit easier to communicate on it than email, especially if you already have one.

Feel free to follow us as well – you know, because we’re awesome! Not to sound like a million advertisements, but you’ll love us on your dashboard! I’ve taken over tumblr with 7-centric posts! Check ’em out!

We’re going to be revamping our host page soon with more information about us, what we like and what we do so that you’ll have an idea of what’s likely to pop up during the podcast.

*twiddles thumbs* ‘Course, wanting to get to know us a little better is alright, too. ^/////^

We’re considering making plans for a Charity project for Child’s Play. How would you guys feel about donating $2 (minimum)? In exchange, we’re thinking of compiling an album filled with personal interview questions (that go a bit deeper than our profiles – questions that YOU can ask!), karaoke features (both full and partial – you’ve already heard us sing on the show!), and outtakes and pieces talking about recording.

Here’s a piece of what we’re talking about:

Head over to our tumblr to give us questions, song suggestions and tell us what YOU would want as a gift for being an awesome and generous awesomely awesomeness person of awesome, and to let us know what you think of the idea in general.

We’re going to try our hand at making some promotional wallpapers, similar to our background here. Stay tuned for more on that front.

Overall, we’re just thinking of doing a few more things for you all, our fans ^__^ As always, send us messages and let us know what you think~! Until next time!

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