Songza: When you don’t to make another playlist for a nap

It’s been a while since I did a blog post about a website or really, any blog post. Hopefully, the blog posts that I would be doing for this week will make up for it.

The site I have for you on this Music Monday Evening is a site that I happen to find about that will kick my habit of making music play list for everything: Songza. Songza, which is available for Iphone and Android as well, aims to let you listen to music base off of what you are doing and around what time you are doing that activity.

“But Shadow, I can use Spotify or my own music collection for that…”

Yes, yes you can. Trust me, I have done that myself. But that is besides the point as Songza does this without you picking out songs as it will have a ready playlist for you to listen to. It’s easy: You pick out what day and what time of day you are listening to music, you then pick out what you are doing base on the time of day (like going to bed or studying) and then click on the three choices they give you. That’s when it goes to familiar ground with you saying you dislike a song or like it, à la Pandora. I have to say, within the first minutes of me using it, Songza played the songs that helped out with me typing this post. I’m telling you, go try out the service.

Best part: Free From Ads between songs.


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