Found!: Drinkify, a new way to enjoy your music… I mean, *really* enjoy it.

Hello again! I know! Three articles back to back from Ziven? I love you guys.

In any case, I’ve been searching and flailing around the internet a lot lately, so here’s another “Found!” for you guys.

For those of you unfamiliar with Drinkify, it’s a website that provides instructions for making a drink named after or associated with the artist that you add to the search. It’s associated with the popular, a listening/streaming site for music. I tried it with a Japanese group that I know, and it worked just as well.

Drink named after D

It worked out great! I’ve tried a couple other foreign artists but they’ve got a drink for the ones I’ve searched. Can anyone find an artist this site doesn’t have a drink listed for? How do you feel about some of the drinks listed to accompany your favorite artists?

Try it out at!

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