Found!: Unaired Pilot for Plastic Man Cartoon

Hello, people! This is Ziven, comin’ straight at’cha with a new piece of a–

News. I mean news. New piece of news. Yeah… In any case, I fell across this gem last night and I figured I’d share it.

Do any of you remember Plastic Man? That zany hero with Reed Richard’s stretchy abilities and Spiderman‘s quips and jokes? Well, he’s a bit more dynamic than that, but in any case, I found out that execs were pitching the concept of a Plastic Man cartoon for Cartoon Network! I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Plastic Man, but he’s been around since 1941. Yes, folks! 1941.

He was always a source of humor, and was actually one of the many inspirations behind the superhero Freakzoid.

So take a look at the pilot and, if you’d be so kind, let us know what you think? Yay or nay? Were they right to keep it off the screen?

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