So, there is this DBZ fan film that needs funds….

Let’s all get this out of the way: Dragon Ball Evolution sucked ass. I (and I’m sure you did too) knew that it was going to bomb from the previews so I’m sure that when you read the title of the post you are reading right now, you threw up a little in your mouth. Don’t worry and listen, this project, which is all funded by people like you and me, is being made by fans for fans looks to be awesome.

On the funding page itself, it states that

We are two brothers who run a small video production company in the UK. We’ve been Producing, Directing, Shooting and editing for our company for over 5 years now and have always talked about doing a Dragonball Z Fan Film. We grew up watching DBZ and it provided many years of entertainment and enjoyment for us as we’re sure it did for many of you. We, like every other DBZ fan, were sorely disappointed with Hollywood’s attempt and producing a live action DBZ film. So this May we are set to shoot an extended Live action Fan trailer for the Saiyan Saga!

And judging from the cast picks, this is a TRUE DBZ fan film worthy of backing. They even have some cool stuff for people that donate such as sign Tees from the cast and even Nappa’s armor. You can do something with that, right?

Check out this site to donate and this site for more info on the film

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