BLACKOUT (Maybe) for Facebook;Twitter and more (READ THIS)

I know you guys are getting sick of me talking about the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA but this is some stuff you to bring up. Not only that, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon are thinking the same way in spreading the world as well in a method that has already have the world talking.

The sites I named above are thinking about pushing a site nuke button that will deny access to them at the same time in a effort to tell the masses (i.e. the people that don’t hang around the internet) about this, pardon my french, FUCKED UP bill. In some way, this will work as it will show you what SOPA will do to your favorite websites but it can also go south with backlash from the general public if they have no clue what the hell happen. If those sites were to post something about it a week before hand or do the Wikipedia route and ask

So far, there’s no date for the Blackout but with January 29th being the day Congress picks up debates for the bill, I won’t be surprised if Twitter has a ‘BRB Blackout’ sign.

source: ZDnet

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