SOPA….for Dummies

Oh internet, you are the reason I stay up at night with your wonder. for people that have been following Shadow Akuma on twitter and reading our wonderful blog, there has been a nasty bill hitting the world wide web news tunnels known as the SOPA bill or Stop Online Piracy Act. It’s a nasty bill that will pretty much screw up the internet and fuck shit up for everyone. While there are a few things you can do to stop this from happening, you and me both know that the people that know about this bill read about it in places other people don’t know about. We also know it’s hard to explain to people that only care about getting on Facebook to see X talk about Y in some fashion.

Thankful are the people of the internet because someone was able to put in simple words what the bill will do if it were to pass. An excerpt of this is as followed:

SOPA explicitly states that companies will be liable for everything their users post. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia, or any sites that allow user generated content CANNOT exist under these laws. Immediately after this bill is passed, you will see the media mafia (MPIAA, RIAA, etc) replacing websites like Wikipedia with commercialized encyclopedia software. Mainstream media outlets will not cover this bill because they are the ones lobbying for it.

The rest of the doc is pretty informative about the bill (stuff I didn’t even know about) and you should, if you fully don’t understand it, should take the time to read. The more you know…

SOPA…for Dummies

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