Sorry that we were out Post

Hi everyone that is still sticking around, Maxwell here telling you that we are not dead.

Seriously though, sorry for the lack of activity from the site and the missed episode from two weeks ago. There is no one at fault here for that but we all would like to say that we are sorry fro anyone looking forward to our bi-weekly podcast and when-ever-we-can blog post.

With that out of the way, I would like to announce that DSR is still going and THIS week will have a year in review episode of the D Saint Radio podcast that will go over our best moments and look backs of the show hosted by Shadow Akuma. it may not seem like we should do this but when stop doing stuff you like after 3 times doing it, 10 episodes is a big deal. Speaking of which, when we are doing new episodes is still a mystery. But don’t worry, when we do, you will know.

Comment on the Post Yo.

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