D Saint Radio Mini #1: 60 Seconds of Time

You ever try doing a podcast? It’s hard and there no fringe benefits with doing something from the ground up (not having some site to back you up doesn’t get you into clubs for free) nor can you count on your “friends” (believe me on this, you wouldn’t believe the asses who just won’t support. I love you guys, well, some of you, but come on.)

Anyway, keeping people into a show that only updates every 2 weeks is pretty hard unless you have something that people would want to hear. That’s where I came up with the DSR Mini’s (well, Ziven and Sakura did): episodes and B-sides that were deem too short but still could be used. Case in point, Mini #1 has Shadow and Final play a game.  All DSR Mini’s will be uploaded to our Youtube account, so subscribe to it for all of that and maybe some other things we might be doing video-wise.

Don’t worry, Episode 10 of the actual D Saint Radio Podcast will be up soon. We are done with our break.

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