Marvel Anime X-men Impression

Well, the first pair of state side Marvel Anime gone and went with Iron Man and Wolverine. While Iron Man was actually good, Wolverine was something of a mess to me (to the point that I stop watching half way through) leaving me to worry about how the next one, X-men, was going to go. Lucky enough, this one was a lot better. find out more after the break.

From the start, X Men starts off by killing off Jean Gray who was just overtaken by the Phoenix. The team — consisting of Cyclops, Storm,Wolverine, and Beast — all went there seprate ways folling it until Prof. X calls them to find a girl in (wait for it) Japan who was kidnap by the same people whole changed Jean.

The animation in this one seem more define; almost as if they put more care into this one. It actually looks downright beautiful. Action looks fluid as well in this as well. Dialog is also pretty good with some pretty funny moments (you guys can handle a giant Blue furry Guy but not a squid as a teacher?)

Voice acting also rocks. Steve Blum returns to voice Wolverine after Wolverine and the X-men (and not Milo Ventimiglia) which I still miss and hold dear. This time voicing in anime that might draw people in is Scott Porter (Heart of Dixie, Friday Night Lights) who does a very good job. I’m not sure if the VA for Beast is the same one for this one but he does sound the same. If so, I will check.

Speaking of Milo though, X-Men’s wolverine is completely different in both looks (and I think personality) from the Wolverine Anime. I wonder why they changed his looks because from my understanding, this is suppose to be a Marvel Anime universe. Not a big deal but it might bug some people.

Anyway, check this out. If you are a Marvel fan, rest easy, it’s good. Marvel Anime X-Men comes on every Friday at 11pm ET on G4.

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