Batman: Year one Review

While there is sometime before the the last of the Chris Nolan’s Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises, comes out in theathers, that hasn’t stop Warner Bros. and DC Comics from telling the origin of the hero. And what better way of telling his story then by bring motion to one of the well known comic arcs, Year One. But are you ready to shell out some cash to see how James Gordon became Captain and how Bruce Wayne became The God Damn Batman? Find out in this review.


Batman: Year One is an adaptation of the 4-part Comic Arc written by Frank Miller of the same name. In it, the story revolves around Bruce Wayne and James Gordon’s first year in Gotham, Wayne coming back after training for 12 years and Gordon being transferring to the Gotham police force. They both know about the corruption in the city and they both are going to have a hard time doing anything about with their first year with even the police being dicks.


If you read and love the comic, you would be happy to know that they kept to the source of comic and for anyone that didn’t read it, you can follow along as well. In all fairness, if you know nothing of Batman and wanted a orgin story, this would be a place to start.


While this movie is called Batman: Year one, it deals with not only Batman’s (voiced by Southland’s and The O.C.’s Ben McKenzie) rise but with James Gordon’s (voiced by Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston) of how he became Captain and a little of Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman (voiced by Doll house’s Eliza Dushku). When they first started, like all of us in life when we start something new, they had a fucked up life. Bruce first foray into bringing Justice was brought by a ass kicking from Selina who was a Domanatrix and Gordon was the only Good Cop in Gotham. Like I said, fucked up. Also, to add, before Gordon became Captain he kicked some ass. i think he got into more fights and shoot outs than Batman did in this film.


But it’s not all gloom as there are some light funny moments. One of them involes a fake drunk Bruce Wayne, wine and a open bathrobe. Also, Klye has some funny moments as well with her trying to make a name of herself as Catwoman.


When it comes to animation, DC knows what it’s doing for some reason — this movie being directed by Bruce Timm (who worked on Batman: The Animated series) and this one is no different. Even if you are not a Batman fan or don’t like movies in animated form (FOR SHAME), I have a feeling you will like this. It’s believeable (well, most parts anyway). If you are a Batman/DC Buff, no question as to if you should buy it or not. Everyone else, you may want to rent it.


The Blu-Ray copy of it comes with a short dealing with Catwoman, two episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, comentary and some other stuff. It’s out now.

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