OMFG! The Avenger’s Trailer

So, I finally stop being a fan boy to post this (that, and it’s finally hit Youtube). The trailer for Marvel Studio’s BIG epic, The Avengers, hit the web yesterday and from the looks of it, shit got real.



What started off as a little nod in the 2008 Iron Man film, is now becoming a reality with May 2012 release. Somethings I did notice in there were (and these might be spoilers, so don’t look if you don’t want to):

  • People looking up at the sky which means that the Skrull might be one of the bad guys
  • Loki being either carried in or walked in

Who knows what might happen, but it looks like just about everyone in it, Marvel Movie Universe wise. Marvel’s The Avengers is slated to be out in theaters in May of next year.

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