MORTAL KOMBAT is getting a reboot

Get ready to yell MORTAL KOMBAT in the theaters once more as a Mortal Kombat reboot has been green lighted as reported by screen rant. Unless you kept your head under a rock over the summer, you already know who is getting the honor of directing this, Kevin Tancharon. Let’s rewind back though: Back in the beginning of this year, Tancharon made a proposal video of a more down-to-earth, gritter Mortal Kombat as he express his want to do a Mortal Kombat movie. Internet went crazy and Warner Bros., who held the rights to the film,took heard. While it wasn’t a film, per say, the trailer became a web series that went along with the release of NetherRealm studios Mortal Kombat video game. There were whispers that the web series was WB’s way of testing the waters and it did do well (well, depending on the people you ask).

As of right now, the only thing known about it is that Tancharon is directing the feature and that a writer from the web series will be penning it. There are some things ridding aguest this though and for good reasons.

This is Kevin’s 5th big time directing gig as he directed Step Up: 3D and the more recent Glee Concert Movie 3D, which were consider bombs. He also directed the Fame reboot which I guess bombed as well. Not only that but it’s a video game movie and we all know that movies based off of video games tend to suck in both story and box office. But this could go well. The original Mortal Kombat, when it came out, got a lot of box office cash ranking in $120 million. There is also the question of cast. With a bigger budget, there might be cast changes or there might not be any. Who knows what might happen now.

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