Dear Nintendo, don’t fuck up the Wii U

[I had typed this up a few weeks back, just to let you know]
Guess what? You’re reading a Editorial. I’ve been wanting to write one for quite some time now and I figure with The Tokyo Game Show going on, I’ll talk about something around gaming with a company from Japan: Nintendo. Not just The Big N but there up coming system, the Wii U. I’m basically going to rage about it. Yep, nothing but gamer rage to get you through the day. But yes, this post is here to help Nintendo with this new fangled gaming device and how not to fuck it up like they did with the 3DS.

Let’s start from the beginning, like all things in life, as Nintendo broke into the gaming scene in 1975 and since then we have seen the likes of Mario, Donkey Kong, Samas Aran and Kirby among others in front of our eyes as well as giving us home consoles to plays as these characters starting with The Nintendo Entertainment System all the way up to with the current Wii and 3/DS. Soon, at least from what they say, the Wii U will be upon us and with that comes confusion and in some parts of most people’s minds, worry. The Confusion comes from some of the stuff the Wii U is suppose to do and worry about how the company, which seem to have gone off the fucking deep end, is going to handle this new venture. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan of Nintendo for years –They gave me the Gameboy, my first gaming device–But like meeting your Hero in real life and find out they are a shadow of their former self, you want them to wake the hell up and get into shape. This Post is going to list _ things that Nintendo needs to do for this to work out in their favor because if they don’t, and this is not a threat of some way, Nintendo might lose the people that had their back for years.

Get your Shit together before you ship off.

If you followed the 3DS and Wii U as of late, you would know that some of their releases haven’t been good. The 3DS, for example wasn’t doing at all well that Nintendo not only gave the people who first bought a the handheld 20 free games to download from their e-shop but drop their price from $249.99 to $169.99 to get more people to buy it. This was partly due to the less then stellar release date games which had a flying game and crappy sub game with the game people wanted coming later in the year. The Wii U, when first announced, confused a lot of people with some thinking the Wii U was nothing more than an add-on to the Wii. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s CEO even went on record to say that they should have shown the system itself before showing the controller before hand. You think? There where even reports that the 3DS was going to come out LATER and that Nintendo shipped it out to please share holders. A lot good that did, huh? All I’m saying is that if you want to have the best release for something you want people to buy, have your Shit together before you have it out. Over the course of history, people had to wait for a lot of things, I’m pretty sure if you tell your share holders that you need a little time, they will understand.

Online play needs some work

It’s no surprise that when pitting the PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii when it comes to online, the Wii lags (no pun intented) behind. It’s not to say there isn’t online for it as there are a lot of games out there that you can play online such as Mario Kart Wii, Nights: Journey of Dreams and Super Smash Bros. Brawl among others. But while playing online is cool and all, when it comes to wanting to do other stuff online, Nintendo seems o think that no one wants that. Sure, they made the Wii Ware shop for the Wii and the DSi/E-shop for their DSi/3DS line to sell games but compare it to the Xbox Live Market Place and The Playstation Network Store and you pretty much have the video game version of a flea market- there are some cool shit there, but you have to find it through all the crap. Nintendo has go on record to say that they want to work on that and for the most part, they trying to fix it with the E-shop for the 3DS. To fix that who entire thing though, Nintendo needs to catch up to the times and see that people would not mind downloading games or DLC for games they have. Another part, and this is the big one, thye need to fix is the Friends list. When the Wii was announced that they would handle online friends on their system, Nintendo showed off the dreaded feature of the Friend Code that you have to log in to EVERY game as oppsed as having one screen name like XBL and PSN users. To their defense, they were looking out for the kiddies playing their games but that was a stupid idea to have a different code for every game. This I don’t have to go into much because they are fixing it starting with the 3DS which require just one code, from the system itself, and the Wii U doing with out it entirely. Nintendo, if you want to look after the tykes, have a password system for online, simple as that.

Stop pulling out the big guns when your system is going to die

You ever stop to notice how a Legend of Zelda game comes out for a Nintendo system when ever that current system is going out to die in the back of a field? Think about it: 2006’s The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was announced for the Gamecube. It was later releaved that Twilight Princess was also coming out for the Wii as well. The Wii version came out a month before the GameCube version. Currently, a Zelda game for the Wii will be coming out and by next year, the Wii U will be out. Not only that,  the 3DS launch wasn’t all that good as there really wasn’t any good games to pick up on launch day. It was bad enough that people pretty much waited until a game of their liking was coming out, thus Nintendo had to price drop the system. When it comes to launching something, Nintendo doesn’t want to have any games out that they want people to pick up and instead just have their system out and that’s it. Solution: Have your strong titles come out FIRST and then kill them slowly with Petz games. If you start off Strong, you will be good to go until you are ready to kill the next system.

All of these things will help Nintendo. Doubt uf they read this but I had to do this anyway. I have a blog, I have rights (kinda).

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