F8 Update BLOW OUT!

Alright, so earlier this week, I told you that Facebook’s F8 conference, a developer conference hold every year to tell the new things happening on the site, was going to happen today with news about the site that apparently 800 million people are a part of. Basically, if you want know what’s going on the site before you start bitching (which most of the people I have as friends on the site do), you watch this. This year, Facebook is trying to reboot it self with the rise of both Twitter and the new one on the block, Google+, and with that comes changes. So far, Facebook users now have the redesign home page with ticker on the side and a bunch of other stuff  but this post will give you the low down on the stuff coming in a cupple of weeks.

– As reported last time, Facebook will have music intergration with most of the top music streaming sites such as Spotify, MOG and IheartRadio. On the side of Facebook will be a Music tag that when picked, will put all music that friends shared on the page to listen to in page.

-Another thing coming up is Facebook Timeline. Think of it as a type of scrapbook like feature that shows pictures, status updates and other stuff around a certain period of time.

– The final thing for this update is that you will now have the ability to stream content from Hulu and Netflix. What you are watching will be broadcast on the news ticker for your friends to see making others, in theory, want to watch what you want to watch on the site itself.

– One more thing, For the developers out there, Facebook announced the Open Graph which will make thing a little more easier for folks to make apps. Features include a permission pop up when you first use the app that tells you what the app will be posting automatically and Updates about the Open Graph apps will show on a separate ticker instead of the regular ticker.

With these updates, only time will tell if Facebook will gain back it’s power in the social network.

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