Facebook to do Major Changes to The Layout at F8!

Hey, you guys know Facebook right? You know, the website that pretty much own your soul…and your sister, brother, mother, grand mother and more with farms? Yeah, that one. Well, get ready for another Facebook look as the company plans on rebooting the site once more when their developer conference,F8, starts. For anyone, and that might be most of you who read this, F8 is a confrence that brings in people who do coding and stuff together to learn what’s going on the site with key note run by the Zuck (you know, really rich guy). The only thing known about the redesign is that it

  • The redesign for profiles will be sticky with the goal of keeping you on a profile.
  • A media player type thing will be in effect. News has been going around has made deals with three music streaming giants: Mog, Rdio and Spotify which will allow you to listen to music while on Facebook when someone shares a link.
  • Finally, they are going to push more with Facebook Credits by telling you more about.
But these could be rumors and guesses but more than likely it’s going to happen and people will be pissed. I warned you at least. F8 will happen this Thursday and DSR will have some updates by the days end. 
Source: Mashable

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