A note from the Editor-Thank You

I was about to write up another news report dealing with Facebook (Spoiler, you may or may not like it.) but I didn’t want another news report because the post you are reading is post number 100 of The D Saint Radio Blog. This is suppose to be a HELL YEAH type of post with thank you to the readers and people that come here but as much as I want to thank you guys, and trust me when I say this because if I had the money and power to give you a party of some sort, I honestly wanted to thank the people that had my back with this Podcast/Blog hybrid since the very beginning. To them, and you all know who you are, you have my greatest appreciation in the world for helping me with D Saint Radio. What started as a small project for me to do to keep me busy as grew into something more with friends and one super sexy microphone. You guys and gals are the reason I keep doing this podcast (well that and I don’t want to quit) and blog. 

To everyone else, thank you for reading this blog. I know that most of the news and things on here is video game related and our podcast are as polish as others on the net but the fact that I still get views on this blog makes me happy every night I look at it. Do I wish I had comments? Sure, anyone who has a blog hopes to have people comment on something that people work on but at least I know people read. I also like to thank people on twitter who Retweet my blog post, you too know who you all. And last but least, thanks to the people who haven’t liked the Facebook Page or Twitter because you too are the fuel to my fire as well because if you haven’t hear us or like us, sooner or later, you will. I will keep going, we all will keep going and when each of us gets old and gray all of us will say

That was Fun.

We are D Saint Radio. We Geek Everything.

-Maxwell Knight

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