REPORT: NBC’s twitter was hacked!

Chances are you heard this already or you didn’t, It doesn’t matter at the moment. NBC news twitter page was hacked by a group called script kiddies. They were able to get the password of the onf the big television three and started to post FALSE reports that Ground Zero in New York was attacked as reported by The Next Web. They even changed their profile pic and linked to their own twitter.

The hacking was stopped when Twitter stepped in and suspened both the hackers and NBC’s twitter account. In a statement, NBC said

The NBC News twitter account was hacked late this afternoon and as a result, false reports of a plane attack on ground zero were sent to @NBCNews followers. We are working with Twitter to correct the situation and sincerely apologize for the scare that could have been caused by such a reckless and irresponsible act

Source: The Next Web

2 thoughts on “REPORT: NBC’s twitter was hacked!”

  1. This is quite hilarious, I think, in a sad way. Of course, it’s a travesty and all that, but you have to admit that those kids have balls.

    It’s a shame, though, that there are people who are insensitive enough to pull this type of stuff. I’m normally all for the pranking of U.S. media, but regardless of the politics behind 9/11 and the conspiracy theories, people really died and when something like that is at the heart of the matter (in the middle of all the B.S.), I do feel that there is a line.

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