Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence Trailer

I know, don’t hit me with bottles yet. I was one of the people that, like you, thought the first  Ghost Rider film was meh at best and, like you, was surprised that a 2nd film was green lighted with Cage coming back to the role. Some stuff was shown in comic-con and from what people told me, it seems like the 2nd outing is a completely different beast. Now that I saw the trailer, I’m a little hopeful of that. More on that after the break:

The movie is being directed by the same folks that did the Crank films and from what the trailer shows, there’s a lot of action. Also, the rider looks completely different then the first movie’ not a whole lot but he does seem more darker looking. From what I also heard, the story is being made by Scott M. Gimple & Seth Hoffman and David S. Goyer with the later having did FlashForward.

In this one, taking place a few years after the first one, Johnny Blaze is still running until he is asked by a Sect to protect a young boy from a demon. He is still hesitant to use his powers but in the end he will have to use his curse to save the boy and maybe be rid of it once and for all.

The film is set to be out February 2012.

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