GamesCom News

I figure that instead of doing separate post on each of the big GamesCon news that happen, I’ll make one big post with mini news on each subject.

Sony Announced that their PS3 will receive another price cut from $299 to the now some what affordable $249. This the 3rd price cut the system has gotten after it first premiered at a $600 price point and then a redesign known as the PS3 slim with a lower price of $299.

Speaking of redesigns, The Wii will have a new look come this holiday season. Taking all Gamecube stuff off the system, the new Wii will come packaged with Wii sports, Wii Party,one Wii Motion plus controller and a nunchuck. This is the Wii’s first redesign of the since it first came out in 2006.

Sucker Punch showed off a new DLC for their game titled Festival of Blood in which, from what the trailer shows, Cole becomes a vampire. At least it’s not zombies again. Check out the Trailer:

Another Trailer, for a game that I will buy day one if anyone cares, finally showed a trailer. The Game is titled Lollypop Chainsaw. It is being made by Suda 51 and the game is being writen by James Gunn who did Slither and Super. This one I don’t mind with Zombies.

And to top off the GamesCon Stuff, Battlefield 3 finally showed off Multi-player. It has Jets and the PC version of the game has 64 player multi-player.


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