Weekend Awesomesauce : How to Download a Podcast

If you haven’t already figure it out, Weekend Awesomesauce  is a series of post that we at DSR think is awesome. These post could be how-to’s or stuff that we want to throw out there like videos or pictures. If you have some Awesomesauce you want to share with us, email us at dsaintradio@gmail.com.

So, you have made it to our podcast page to listen to us but at the last minute, you have to leave home or whatever. What to do, what to do? Well, you can download us or any podcast for that matter easily by right clicking and save as but what if you want to download it with out going to the site? Luckily for you, before doing podcast, I use to download to and still do. There are a slew of FREE programs for you to use that go across all Operating Systems and some us already have them like Apple’s I tunes or the Winamp media player. one of them that I’m going to cover is a little more lightweight but once you get the hang of it, you will love it. I’m talking about the gPodder.

GPodder is a Podcatcher for Windows, and Linux OS that allows you to subscribe to your favorite podcast via it’s RSS/XML feed. It’s free and it’s under GPL meaning that any user that has it can change to how they want. But besides all that, it’s light weight for you to install on your computer or laptop with out any slowing up on it, even on a older machine.

Adding your Podcast of choice is easy: all you have to do is copy the RSS/XML url (the web address) from where the link says it’s at by right clicking and going to “copy link address”. Open up Gpodder, if it’s not already open, and head to the menu up top. Click, “Subscriptions” and from the drop down menu, select “add podcast via URL”. When the box comes up, more than likely the URL will already be there but if it’s not, right click inside the box and select paste. If you done it right, Gpodder will automatically check for new episodes of your podcast. You can even select old ones you want to listen to as well.

The downloads you have will be either in your documents folder, if you are using Windows or if are Linux user, in your home folder. Each podcast, if you are grabbing more than one podcast series, are in their own separate folders for easy transfer to your device of choice. Another feature that GPodder has is their website. There you can sign up for a free account and sync your podcast from the site. This is useful if you get a new computer and download Gpodder because it will put all your feeds into one file for easy uploading. You can even stream all of your podcast if you choose to.

So, to get you started, you can put our podcast by getting our RSS feed right here

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