Google Music Beta + Win an invite

Wow, three music things. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought The DSR blog was a music blog or something (it’s not) but I had to talk about this one. If you are a good boy/girl/alien/whatever and hang around this post, I can tell you how to snag an invite to it without waiting.

Google, not happy with taking over our internet, decided to get into the music game with Google Music. For the most part, it works just how I thought it would and then some. Once signed up, which uses your google account, you will have to download the Google Music upload program which will look in your music folder or anywhere else you have music and upload all of your tracks. Depending on size, it might take a while (I have 295 song on my laptop and it took a good 4 minutes). Also, while you are uploading, Google Music gives you a choice to grab some free songs from different Genres to have in your Google Music collection. Once done, you can go through and fix up track/album info if need be.

One of the cool features is the ability to make a instant playlist mix where you pick out one song and Google Music makes a playlist based from that song from other songs not in your collection. Android users can download The Google Music app (Android 2.2 or higher btw) and listen to their music on the go. Pretty much, it’s a cloud storage music service. Right now it’s in an invite beta type deal.

Now, if you made it to the bottom of this post and you want an invite to this service, I have Three (3) invites to Google Music Beta. No, you don’t have to pay me for one (not that big of a deal folks) but you do have to do one thing. What you have to do is go on Facebook, go “like” us if you haven’t already (which you should) and write on our wall of the top three artist/bands you will be listening once you upload all your music on there. Simple, no?

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