Spotify or Why you need to download this S@#! now

I have been in a music haze for two days with, which I talked about already, and with the second music thing that I had to wait for an invite for, Spotify. I’m telling you this now, so that way you don’t waste time reading my words (leave the tab open so I can feel better) and go to the website for an invite.

Spotify, is a music player that allows you to listen to music with out downloading or buying it. Free accounts, which require an invite at the moment, allow you access to all the music you want (which grows 10,000 a day) with ads while the Premium and Unlimited does with out the ads, add music playing while offline and use of the Spotify smartphone app for music on the go. So why should you download this?

The music is free. Free, Free, Free, oh my fucking lawd FREEE, to listen. You can also set up playlist for different moods you might have (like me) and share them with friends who also have Spotify.  You can even make playlist with friends for the ultimate party playlist OF THE GODS! Okay, maybe not that but you get the point. The ads, in the free version, aren’t bad and there are few Windows only programs that mute them. Sound quality is nice at 128 but if you get the paid stuff, it get’s bumped to 320. Paid isn’t bad either with the Premium being at 9.99 a month with pretty much all the bells. Think of it as Pandora but you choose the songs. It also allows you to connect with Facebook for instant access to sharing.

The Spotify App showing local files. While Mac and Windows user will be able to listen to their own music files, Linux user will have to wait.


Out of all of the stuff they have for it, this could be a I tunes killer. Maybe Pandora but I wouldn’t go too far in that. With that in mind, go to the website and sign up for a invite or if you have the money, go either Premium or Unlimited because this is one service that shelling out the cash for seem alright to do. Windows and Mac Users can download the app once you register while Linux users (like my self) will have to use it via Wine or if you have a Premium or Unlimited account, you can use the Linux Preview.

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