Thundercats Impressons

As with all show impressions, I won’t do a full review until the end of the season.


Thought you wouldn’t hear those words again, huh? Guess again, because Cartoon Network brought back the classic cartoon to life once more with animation done by STUDIO4°C (most of the parts from Halo Legends, Batman:Gotham Knight, Cathrine). But will you roaring with the rest of them or is this a Snarf? Read this after the break.

This is not your father’s Thundercats. Well, maybe a little but still, this Thundercats series makes some changes and they all work. The Story is this:

After Third Earth is attacked by the lizards, Lion-O leads the ThunderCats on a quest for the Book of Omens, the one artifact that could guide them to victory. But he’ll have to face villains like the ancient evil sorceror Mumm-Ra and the dangerous lizard general Slythe. Luckily, he has the Sword of Omens and its amazing powers at his disposal.

In a way, This series is a reboot and somewhat of a sequel of the original. It takes a more origin story feel and darker tone as it explains how Lion-O get’s the sword and the way he becomes king. Voice acting is done nicely (i.e. not cheesy) with voice work done by Will Freddy and lo and behold, he return of the original VA of Lion-O, Larry Kenney as the father of Lion-O. Animation is awesome and crisp, like I was expecting. It’s their brand of hand drawn and CGI which works, like I said, awesome. It is dark as (maybe) three characters die in the hour long special and countless more. I’m honestly looking forward to the next episode, which so happens come one Friday nights. Go check it out, I’m sure they are going to show repeats of the episode.

Oh, and the moment of truth: SNARF DOES NOT SAY A FUCKING WORD AT ALL. HE DOES NOT TALK. I can see a lot of people wanting a stuffed version of this snarf really soon.

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