Putting some Social in your music: Turntable.fm

Maybe I should have did this post on Monday. Ah well.

With Pandora and Itunes these days, listening to music was a solitary type of thing before the likes the of Facebook and Twitter. Now a days, you can follow your friends or send them links but in a way, it not really the same as being in the same room. Well, Turntable.fm, is changing that in a fun way: making you and friends because the DJ.

If you wanted to share a song with friends, you would have to click on the social network icon to share a song you are digging but sometimes, you want to listen with them and with most sites, like Pandora, you couldn’t control what you want to listen to and have to go by artist that were similar. Turntable.fm wants to change that by making you and up to 4 others to become the DJ in a “room” playing songs.

Made up in 2011, the site allows you to either make up a room or go into a room someone else made. Once there, you can become a DJ and play music in there, taking turns with the other DJ’s in the room that they picked out. From there, the listeners chose one of two buttons on the bottom: Awesome and Lame. You get enough Awesome clicks, you get points which are used to unlock avatars for your little DJ. Get enough lame clicks and your song is skipped with the DJ next to you playing their song.

Other features include a chat window on the side, the ability to queue songs, and if you just want to listen to music with out being a DJ you can go into a room (or step down from yours) and be one of the people in the audience  and still have your say if the song is alright. There are a few things that might turn people off. You can only play 3 songs from the same album and only 4 songs from the same artist. If you do, you have to wait 3 hours to play it again. Another thing is that at the moment, you HAVE to have a Facebook account in order to use the service. Another thing, which they are working on, is that the queue list only doesn’t have sub-list or folder support. Not big problems and that’s stuff that can be fixed after a while.

Right now, it’s still in it’s beta stages and you can only get in, like I said above, if you have a Facebook account and even with that you have to have a friend on the site in order to get on. So go check it out!!!!

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