Marvel Anime: Iron man and Wolverine

As with anything, if a TV show just started, I’ll give an Impression or what I think of a show. At the season final, I’ll have an actual review of it. With that said, here we go.

Last year at Comic-Con, G4 announced that comic book Giant, Marvel, would be getting into Anime with a few of their franchises that included Iron Man, Wolverine, Blade, and Xmen. The first two of the Marvel Anime, Iron Man and Wolverine would premiere in an English dub on G4 and it just so happen they showed the first episode of each a week before they premiere because of Comic-con. So, what did I think of them? Read on after the break

The first showing was of Iron man. The main story is this: Tony Stark (voiced by Heroes star Adrian Pasdar) is in Japan (btw, all the Marvel Anime they are making all have the charaters going to japan for some reason and there will be some type of crossover action as well) to build a new Arc Generator AND to train  people to be the new Iron Man as he is hanging up the helmet to work with his company. Things don’t go as smooth as the Iron Man Armor called Dio, gets hacked and Tony has to deal with a group called the Zodiac. Right off the back, I’ll just say it, Adrian Pasdar as Tony Stark. It didn’t seem…right. Maybe it’s just me but It will grown on me. I guess It’s because I’m use to hearing Downey as him. The animation, which is done by Studio Madhouse is, like always, excellent. If you seen last summer’s High School of the Dead, you know what I’m talking about.

The plot, is interesting enough and if the opening theme cinematic shows, Iron man has this whole mecha thing going on which should appeal to the Gundam fans out there. What I think might turn off fans of Marvel though is what I think might be a villain of the week thing it might be headed even though there is an overall bigger plot for it. I’m looking forward to what is ahead.

The other horse in the room is Marvel Anime: Wolverine. In this one, Logan (voice by another Heroes star, Milo Ventimiglia)  is in search of his Girl by the name of Moniko. He finds out she is in Japan but there is on problem: her father, who happens to be a big time crime boss, wants her to marry another guy.

He wants her back, so he heads to Japan to get her back. He finds out that it’s not going to be easy because her father is also a skilled swordsman who can cut air to the point that it cuts Logan. So the story isn’t that exciting as the Iron man one but the action is taken up a level that isn’t seen in the previous one. Milo’s voice work on the show is pretty good, just like his looks (which I will get to) it’s not to gruff like past voice actors have did before but not too soft either. Marvel fans, Wolverine doesn’t looks like Wolverine. Instead of the buff looking dude that looks like he could kick you ass, he’s a little slim down. Not skinny, skinny, but he is tall in this. Also, I don’t think the “outfit” shows up in this. He mostly wears a red jacket, jeans, and tee just to point it out there. While the first episode wasn’t a very good indication of how it’s going to be, I am going to watch to see how it goes.

So, should you watch it? if you want to see some Marvel action that’s a little grown up (not to say Disney XD’s Avengers isn’t) and you like anime, that’s a big Hell yeah. Even if you are not a fan of anime, Marvel fans should also check it out even though you might have some problems with it. With no new Marvel type cartoons or movies (after Captain America) till next year, this is a good to check out. You can catch Marvel Anime: Iron Man and Marvel Anime: Wolverine on G4 on Friday at 11pm pacific starting officially next week.

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