A Fairly Oddparents Movie: Grow up Timmy Turner! Review

It’s been a while since I did a review for anything and lo and behold, there was a live action Fairly odd Parents Movie coming on today. I knew some people wanted to know how it was. I mean, Nick did the live-action route with Avatar and that did so fucking well. (I’m rolling my eyes). So how did this movie go? Watch the Trailer and after the break, I’ll give you my take on it.

If you skipped the Trailer, the premise is this: Timmy still lives in house with his parents, still have his Fairies and still goes to a 5th grade class with Mr. Crocker. There’s just one thing off: he’s a 23yr man still living with his parents, still has his fairies and still goes to a 5th grade class.
Thing is, Timmy found a loop hole in Da Rules that allows him to keep the faires by not “growing up” and not fall in love. His Fairies don’t have a problem with but his Parents, Crocker, and Jorgan all want him to move on. Timmy is happy with this until he runs into Tootie (you know, Vicky’s sister who had a crush on him since forever) who is all grown up. Now Timmy has to choose:    stay with his family or Go after the girl he loves, knowing he will lose his Fairy Good Parents forever. He also has to worry about an Oil Tycoon trying to get well, oil.

Okay, this wasn’t half bad. Actually, it was pretty cool. A lot of things ended in a way that people that were fans of the show will like how it ends. First off, like all live-action versions of any cartoons/anime out there, the actors either make it (Mortal Kombat for example) or break it (DoA: Dead or Alive) either with visually,actors, or both. This movie nails it for the most part. With Drake Bell (of Nick’s Drake and Josh fame) as the Timmy, It fits. So does Tootie, Timmy’s Parents (to which I have to give credit to Daran Norris for doing his live action role of Mr. Turner and not missing a beat) Jorgin, AJ and Chester, and Crocker. Vicky felt out of place but her scenes were small and i’m surprise anyone in their right minds would have her teach children. Also, Jason Alexander and Cheryl Hines do some scenes as the God Parents Cosmo and Wanda (complete with the hair) and they fit as well (although it seem Cosmo seem less stupid. not bad, just pointing it out). Sorry folks, no real Poof (although someone does do the voice for the baby’s first words).

The set pieces remind me of the show, a lot. They were all bright and colorful and some what cartoon like. It felt warm. Like-wise was plot. not too heavy but it was in a way, real. Yes, I know there was Fairies and a happy ending (I still think life has it somewhere) and magic but if you take away that, you get the message. Anyone who was watching it past the audience’s they were trying to get, they know what Timmy was going through: tip toeing between the kid you use to be and the adult you are going to have to be. We all have that situation, no mater how grown some use say we are, we are not But we find that moment when we put away childish things and move on to bigger and better things. That was lesson behind the movie. I really need a scale system. How about this, future reviews will have a 1 to 5 scale. 1 means it’s shit. don’t touch it. Don’t look at it. It is full on shit. 5 means touch it, smell it. Love it.

A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow up Timmy Turner! gets a 5

3 thoughts on “A Fairly Oddparents Movie: Grow up Timmy Turner! Review”

  1. I hate Vicky, she’s a bipolar person who does evil things against poor Timmy Turner. I recognize Denzel Crocker as the main villain of Fairly Oddparents, but as for Vicky, I just despise her.

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