DSRadar: Prizes.org



I did make a promise to you guys. Second post in the day is about a website that could help you get some cash if you are willing to work a little for it.  Prizes.org allows you to enter into “contest” task made by people like you and me that ask you to do something for them like make a poem about otters (real) or help come up a name for a child. The prize? How much the person wants to give up. One person on there is offering $100 for that otters poem, while others are willing to give around $20 for a task completed.

The winner is chosen by the person that made the task OR if the person can’t pick anyone, the site picks the winner with a majority vote which you can get can ask your friends from twitter and facebook  to help you. You can also make up a task and money prize as well. The site just started but there are already a few contests on the site. Check it out if you have nothing to do.


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