Impressions: Google+

First off I would like to say thank you to  NiColEoFtHeDeAd on twitter for sending me the invite to Google+.  A Million virtual bows.

That said, hello everyone. Sorry for not posting anything in the past week because I know you guys waited forever and a day for my post. I really hope you guys don’t. But really, if you had stick around, awesome because while I was away, I was working on a few stuff both blog and podcast related. For starters, I will try to post 3 to 5 times a day on everything on DSR and one of those post is this one.

If you haven’t already know, Google decided to once again go after the only space in the internet they haven’t touch: the social media. With sites such as Facebook and Twitter taking a foot hold, Google wanted a piece of that pie and they tried —and failed—- twice with the annoying Google Buzz and the confusing-to-tell-friends-who-only-the-internet-like-your-grand-mother-knows-video-games-Google wave. Both were good ideas but  both were made to an extent: Buzz was built into Gmail which updated all the time. Wave, like I said, was confusing to explain to people that only use the internet for YouTube, porn and Facebook. Google+ fixes those problems they had with those two while adding some neat tricks.

Off the bat, Google+ has a simple layout that allows you to get to your stuff when you want it. No apps or pages to get to. How you handle your friends on here is also a change. Once you invite them or they find you, you can put them in Circles. G+ provides you with pre-set ones such as Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Following while allowing you to make up your own like work buddies and twitter people. Those people in those circles will only see what you want them to see. You got party photos you want to show off to friends but not your parents? Make sure they are in different circles and you’re safe. You can easily drag and drop people or type in their name into the circle. You can also add them to more circles.

Another thing added is Sparks. Sparks are what interest you and you a get a news feed for each Spark you enter. You can then show your people in your circles stories that you want them to see with the Google+1 button that’s been around Google and some other sites. Photo sharing is handled with Google’s Photo service, Picasa, so if you have an account, all your photos will come along with you.


Another neat trick is a video chat feature called hangout which allows you to talk to everyone in your circle via webcam. From what I heard, you chat with up to 10 people with out any signs of lag which is pretty cool.

Right now, it’s in beta and people have been trying to get invites like crazy. So much so that Google stop the invite feature for a while. It took me a day to even use the invite I got. Also, for Android users, you can download the Google+ app for moblie updating. If you want in on this, you can get a Gmail account and join. Just remember, like all Social Networking sites, it’s fun if you can get friends involved. If you have sucky friends, don’t touch this.

4 thoughts on “Impressions: Google+”

  1. When I first heard of it I was annoyed with the prospect of all my FB networking going to waste if everyone shifts to G+. Then I got on and wasn’t super impressed – the segregation of circles is nice but I’m not sure if it’s enough.

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